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about chkp

delicious plant-based dairy

our story

Our founders are Middle East natives. And as such, they’re well-acquainted with a certain little legume: the chickpea.

Growing up, they admired its taste, versatility, & nutritiousness. And they wondered –– what if we could transform this incredible ingredient into creamy, nutritious non-dairy yogurt like nothing else that exists?

The goal was clear: to craft dairy-free options that truly taste and feel like traditional dairy, without the drawbacks.

Now, years of R&D later, we’re thrilled to offer the kind of delicious, nutritious, dairy-free indulgence that first inspired us.

our mission

We’re on a mission to create non-dairy products SO delicious that you can choose them for all the right reasons: amazing taste, creamy texture, and joyful indulgence. And to top it all off, they’re also super nourishing for your body and supportive of a healthy planet.

our values

We believe in always keeping the promises we make. We treasure integrity, creativity, and innovation.

We LOVE what we do.

And we stand firm in our conviction that we will never settle, never compromise on exceptional quality, and never stop improving each and every day, so that we can bring you the very BEST in dairy-free decadence.

the team that dreams of chickpeas

Sharon Nevins

Sharon Nevins

Marketing Leader and Chickpea Visionary


Sharon has been building brands that inspire for over 20 years, having developed and led marketing and innovation strategies at iconic brands like Dove, Hellmann’s, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Cholula, Tate’s, and Country Crock. Her superpower (and passion) is connecting with consumers.

Sharon has an MBA from Columbia University and in her spare time, she’s an avid runner and hopes to complete her fifth NYC marathon! She lives in New Jersey with her husband, two daughters, and labradoodle. Sharon is passionate about plant-based and purpose-driven products that are good for people and the planet, and can’t wait to bring CHKP to the stars.

Noam Sharon

Noam Sharon

Accomplished Lawyer Turned Expert Legumer

Co-Founder & CEO

After 20 years as a top lawyer, Noam broke away from the corporate world to pursue an entrepreneurial path, driven by the belief that we should be persistent in loving what we do. And, from that place, we can create things that others will love too.

Noam loves to create innovative products that give people amazing options they’ve never had before. Like the most delicious dairy-free products, created from the extraordinary little chickpea.

David Benzaquen

Isaac Weiss

Bean Building Successful Businesses for a Long Time


Isaac is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in business development, branding, sales, and operations. His work experience is vast and varied - from apparel to audio to chickpeas and beyond - but the heart of each undertaking is the same: bringing together the rules of successful business and an understanding of people to offer high-quality products that spark happiness.

Beyond work: Isaac lives the city life, but admires the country life. He’s got a sweet tooth, which means that he’s especially excited for some new, yet-to-be-announced CHKP products (hint: they’re ideal for after-dinner indulgence). And although Isaac prefers learning about other people to talking about himself, you can take it from our copywriter that he’s got a wonderfully dry sense of humor and is as sharp as a tack.

Noam Dekkers

Noam Dekkers

Champion of all Chickpea Chefs

Head of Product

Noam is a highly skilled chef with two decades in the food industry, having held positions from Executive Chef at heralded restaurants to founder & CEO of his own food company. He finds his spark in the challenge of creating dairy-free products that are every bit as delicious as traditional dairy products.

Noam believes in the holistic joy of eating - eating for taste, flavor, and experience, without compromise. And it’s that exact kind of joy that’s encapsulated in all CHKP products.

Asaf Cohen-Jonathan

Asaf Cohen-Jonathan

An Engineer on the Pulse of Perfect Plant Protein


Asaf is an expert in plant-based proteins, and an experienced food engineer with more than a decade of high-level leadership in R&D. (And, above all, he’s a passionate foodie.) He had long been searching for THE perfect plant protein - one with a neutral taste and exceptional quality. And then, voila! The first time Asaf worked with the chickpea, he thought, “There is nothing like this.”

It was clear that chickpeas were the key to his quest - a simple yet sophisticated innovation to fill the plant protein gap. Asaf is motivated by the opportunity to work with this incredible protein to create something entirely new and entirely extraordinary… hello, CHKP products!


Blythe Whitten-Snarr

Wants Peas on Earth for All Creatures


Blythe has worked in the plant-based CPG food and beverage industry for 6 years, and has been privileged to work with many amazing plant-based brands in her time. Her background is in market research and strategy, and in her role at CHKP she wears many marketing hats. She loves it all, but especially consumer insights!

Blythe is inspired to change the world for the animals and the earth through best-in-class vegan options. The first time she tried CHKP yogurt it had been 8+ years since she’d had dairy yogurt, and the experience nearly brought tears of joy to her eyes. She’s thrilled to be part of such a game-changing company.


Reema Hleihl

Harnessing Chickpeas for a Sustainable Future

R&D Lab Manager

With a degree in biotechnology and food engineering, and rich experience as a food technologist, Reema has developed deep knowledge in Research & Development – from idea phase all the way through to production.

Reema's thirst for learning and passion for innovation led her to the world of alternative protein, which she sees as the future of food tech... and the future of sustainable culture in general! Reema wants to change our relationship with our planet for the better, and believes that chickpeas offer more than meets the eye in pursuit of that mission.

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